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Discover Witekio Technical Blog

Witekio blogEmbedded Bits, a Witekio company, is proud to present Witekio Technical Blog. The blog aims at providing in-depth articles related to new market trends and technologies but also giving tips and methods for the success of your embedded smart device.

The blog main mission is to provide quality technical content related to embedded and mobile technologies. In order to do so, the blog’s contributors are Witekio’s and Embedded Bits’engineers. They will weekly provide articles, whitepapers, tutorials and videos on specific technical topics such as:

• Linux boot time optimization
Our mission is to optimize the Linux boot time of your IoT device by using the rights tools. Discover how you can improve the boot time of the Linux kernel

• Learn how to deploy Symfony on AWS
This tutorial will give you all the tips needed to simply deploy PHP Symfony application on Amazon Web Service

• Use and deploy Continuous Integration within your company
Software is everywhere. You probably have heard about it. Many organizations are disturbed in their original business by the arrival of software. Changes in culture, tools and processes are needed.

• Embedded Linux Demystified
Developing a new product often requires the choice of an embedded operating system – so why choosing Linux?

Discover Witekio blog now and feel free to comment and actively participate to the threads.

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Contributors Wanted!

Your Country Needs You

Your Country Needs You

To improve the broadness and frequency of articles on this site – I’m looking for contributors willing to write blog posts for embedded-bits.co.uk. I believe this will make the site a much more attractive place on the internet and a more useful resource for those in interested in our field.

If you are a systems integrator or work in the field of making hardware and stubborn software do something useful – or generally feel you have something to offer (it doesn’t have to be Linux) then I would love to hear from you. As long as you can demonstrate you can write high-quality, original and interesting articles that others will want to read and are willing to do it for nothing but fun – then drop me an email at blog@embedded-bits.co.uk – feel free to ask any questions in the comments sections. [© 2011 embedded-bits.co.uk]

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