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Embedded Bits attends Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2015

Last week Embedded Bits attended the Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) held this year in Dublin, Ireland. Attending the 3 day event provided our engineers with an excellent opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments and to collaborate with those shaping its future.

Throughout the conference we shared our highlights as they happened via our Twitter feed, in this post we will provide a summary.

Embedded Bits with Linus Torvalds

Embedded Bits with Linus Torvalds

Continue Reading → embraces Twitter! embraces Twitter embraces Twitter has joined Twitter! I thought it would be a great way to get to know my readers and to share with you the blog posts I write.

When it comes to developing for embedded devices – it can be quite difficult to find good documentation or informative articles on the things we really need to know. I’m hoping that we can use Twitter to share links to the useful nuggets of information that we come across during our travels across the internet.

I will look forward to seeing you on Twitter! [© 2011]

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The Right Approach to Minimal Boot Times [ELCE Video]

Last year at the ELCE 2010 conference in Cambridge I performed a talk about reducing boot times of embedded Linux devices. The video of this talk has now been posted on-line:

ELCE 2010 – The Right Approach to Minimal Boot Times ELCE Video (Best viewed in Chrome)

The accompanying slides for this presentation can be found here

If you wish to see the accompanying YouTube video – please see my earlier post. [© 2011]

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Free Linux Training Material and Video Presentations

Dotted across the Internet is a wealth of free resources including papers, presentations, articles and blogs on various topics to do with Linux and programming. I thought I would share these as I come across them.

One particularly useful resource is that of Free Electrons, an organisation based in France committed to promoting and contributing to free software. They also provide Linux training and have made all their training material available on-line under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareALike 3.0 License. The material absolutely everything you’d ever need to know to become an expert in embedded Linux development. They can be downloaded here:

They also have posted recording of presentations made at various conferences such as the Embedded Linux Conference and Fosdem.

And whilst we’re talking about ELC – you can find the archives and presentation materials here:

All worthwhile reading on a rainy day :). [© 2011]

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