Embedded Linux Boot Time Reduction: Training

A fully featured operating system such as Linux will provide many benefits for companies developing embedded devices. However it’s also likely to bring with it long boot times and once you’ve added your application its likely the boot time has increased even further. It’s often at this late stage of development where the boot time has been identified as unacceptable and there is little time or budget to correct it. Fortunately depending on the complexity of your application it is possible to reduce the boot time by a significant factor and in a short space of time.

Successful cold boot time reduction takes a holistic and analytical approach to identify the required functionality of the product and to identify and remove or optimise contributors of boot time. In other words tailoring or specialising Linux to meet just the needs of your product.

Having boot time reduction skills in house can be a cost effective means to reduce and maintain small boot times on current and future projects. Embedded Bits offers training to share these essential skills.

The interactive course is offered as a one-day public training event or can be held on-site at your offices and customised for your needs. The course includes the following content:

  • Introduction
  • General Approaches used in reducing boot time
  • Why Linux takes so long to boot
  • Tools and software used for instrumentation
  • General and Common Optimisations
  • Tools and software used for reducing boot time
  • Expected results

It is expected that attendees will have experience in developing with Linux. The course will provide enough information for attendees to start making a big difference to the boot time of their embedded devices.

The training will be held by Andrew Murray. Andrew has previously spoken at technical conferences about boot time reduction, reduced the boot time of many embedded devices and achieved impressive sub-second boots on a range of architectures.

For more information or to register your interest please send an email to training@embedded-bits.co.uk