Embedded Linux Boot Time Reduction: Investigation and Report

Our comprehensive boot time investigation package provides an excellent way to understand and reduce the cold boot time of your embedded Linux based device. The fixed price package begins with an investigation on your product and ends with a 30 to 40 page report packed with specific information about your boot time and how to reduce it.

Our experienced engineers will systematically instrument and accurately identify potential boot time optimisations that can reduce the overall boot time of your product. We loan your hardware and software sources and are able to quickly get up to speed in rebuilding and flashing all software components. Our primary focus on embedded Linux boot time reduction means that we are continuously discovering and developing new tools and methods of analysis, this gives you the best chance of gaining a minimal boot time for your product. Our investigations are always customized to your specific needs and have your end goals in mind.

Understand Your Boot Time

At the end of the investigation we will deliver a 30 to 40 page report packed with specific information about your boot time and how to reduce it. The report provides a commentary of the delays which construct your overall boot time – the use of plain English and clear graphics makes understanding your boot time straightforward. We include annotations on all graphics which indicate when key events occur such as when a splash screen becomes visible or when functionality of interest becomes available.

Prescriptive Optimisations

Optimisation Suggestion

Optimisation Suggestion

The majority of the report consists of optimisations that will result in a reduced boot time to your product. Optimisations are presented in plain English alongside the boot time saving that can be achieved and an estimate of the effort required. Plenty of information is provided which will allow you to understand and implement the optimisation. The report ensures that any adverse side effects of implementing the optimisations are known.

The optimisations presented usually require little effort to implement and are documented with enough prescriptive information such that your engineering team can implement the changes.

In addition to providing the report, we can also implement the identified optimisations or share the implementation effort with your engineering team as a later phase of work.

Excellent Value




4 week


The investigation and report is priced from £9,000 and is completed within 4 weeks from the project start (subject to contract and suitability). Please contact us to discuss availability.

Continued Support

We strive to ensure that your boot time gets low and stays low. Through your engagement with us we believe that your engineers will develop their skills in boot time reductions. Our reports include detailed notes on how your engineers can reproduce the report’s findings and to use the tools we’ve used. We also include information on optimsiations we tried but failed and optimisations that we didn’t try to prevent duplicated effort. At the end of the engagement our customers often ask for further professional engineering services to support them in implementing the optimisations or to work on completely unrelated projects.

Typical Outcome

We are often able to identity boot time reductions which result in boot time being halved – however the savings made very much depend on the complexity of your product, application and any attempts you’ve already made to reduce its boot time. Whilst we can’t guarantee any particular outcome, we are often able to make a good educated guess at the time of quoting.

You’re better with us

Whilst there may be other providers of boot time reduction services – we believe you are better with us because:

  • Our collective experience means that we understand boot time and know exactly where to look to find potential boot time optimisations. Even if your application is unusual or you’ve already investigated and reduced your boot time – it’s likely that we can help
  • We may already have identified optimisations suitable for your platform and may have already implemented them. In which case we can be more confident about the gains you can achieve and integrate them into your software quicker. It also gives us more time to find new and previously unidentified optimisations.
  • We are continuously developing tools to identify common causes of boot delays which means that we can spend more time investigating delays specific to your application.
  • Due to our focus on boot time reduction we are always looking out for new tools and techniques or developing our own. This means that we’re more likely to have the right tool for the job.
  • Our confidence in our abilities allows us to engage with you on fixed price or more flexible terms.
Other Approaches

We can be flexible in how we provide our boot time reduction expertise and would love to talk to you about it. Our experience predominately lies in reducing the boot time of ARM, PowerPC and SH based platforms running embedded Linux based software – however we are always keen to undertake new challenges.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.