About Us

Embedded Bits, a Witekio company, is a deeply passionate provider of embedded Linux professional engineering services worldwide. Our expertise ranges from providing Linux support to new hardware, driver development through to embedded Linux applications development. Our recent experience includes development on the latest processors including i.MX6 and OMAP4. Find out more about our recent work here.


As the embedded Linux space is so changeable and complex we pride ourselves in focusing exclusively on embedded Linux – we keep up to date through regular learning and attendance/participation at Linux conferences across the world. This enables us to efficiently and passionately deliver solutions to what would otherwise be difficult problems.

We also pride ourselves in our unique ability to dramatically and quickly reduce the cold boot time of embedded Linux devices. We are continuously developing tools, software and knowledge which we’re able to use and integrate to deliver sub-second boot times with minimal risk and no royalties – we are able to do this at all stages of a product’s life-cycle and offer specific fixed price training and boot time reduction investigation packages.

Embedded Bits was founded in 2012 and based in Bristol, UK. In August 2016 we were acquired by Witekio, you can find out more about this acquisition in our blog post. We are currently expanding our UK business and recruiting for new engineers.

Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray, Managing Director

Andrew is an experienced commercial Linux developer and with a huge passion for boot time reduction, it’s no surprise that in his career Andrew has reduced or overseen the boot time reduction of countless Linux products. These include ARM, PowerPC and SH based architectures achieving sub-second boot times. He has spoken on this topic at a number of technical conferences including a presentation ‘The Right Approach to Boot Time Reduction’ at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELC-E).

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