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Due to an internal error during the maintenance of our website, some articles were unpublished. The problem is now fixed and you can have again access to the unpublished articles.

Here are the links to read our content.

Turning on an ARM MMU and Living to tell the tale : The code

Write an MLO for BeagleBoard XM

I2C in the 2.6.32 Linux Kernel

Understanding “vmalloc region overlap”

Using ‘delay_use’ to speed up USB Enumeration

GCC Weak symbols

cat/proc/meminfo : MemTotal

Understanding I/O Wait (or why 0% Idle can be OK)

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Andrew is an experienced commercial Linux developer with a first class degree in Software Engineering and is the founder of Embedded Bits Limited. His day-to-day role fulfils his passion for learning and provides him with plenty of embedded Linux experience including kernel and embedded applications development on a wide variety of platforms. He loves to talk about boot time reduction and has performed a number of presentations on the topic at technical conferences - he has also been successful in achieving sub-second cold boot on Linux based products. Feel free to drop him an email at
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