Embedded Bits attends Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2015

Last week Embedded Bits attended the Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) held this year in Dublin, Ireland. Attending the 3 day event provided our engineers with an excellent opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments and to collaborate with those shaping its future.

Throughout the conference we shared our highlights as they happened via our Twitter feed, in this post we will provide a summary.

Embedded Bits with Linus Torvalds

Embedded Bits with Linus Torvalds

Here are some of our highlights, though read our Twitter page for more links, quotes and photos.

  • At the keynote, the Linux Foundation announced that they will provide funding for the mainlining of the realtime-preempt patchset
  • It was also announced that the next ELCE conference will be held in Berlin, Germany (for just 2 days Oct 6th and 7th)
  • Kevin Hilman’s “Upstream Kernel Testing” presentation highlighted the efforts by kernelci.org to automate the testing of upstream kernels. We learnt that when changes are pushed to upstream kernel repositories the kernelci.org distributed infrastructure will automatically build the new kernel and boot it on real hardware. If it doesn’t build or boot the infrastructure will flag this and even attempt to bisect the issue. Since May 2014 the system has performed 589,754 boots on 151 unique boards, across 3 architectures and 28 unique SoCs. We were so impressed that we have now made our board farm available to the project.
  • We learnt that automation plays a big part in the upstream kernel development process, for example Intel have their 0 day testing
  • Richard Weinberger provided a good insight into the “Current Challenges in UBIFS”
  • The kernel now provides support for acting as an I2C slave – “The Shiny New l2C Slave Framework – Wolfram Sang”
  • Frank Rowland, who is now a co-maintainer of device tree within the kernel, delivered a captivating talk about solving device tree related issues – “Solving Device Tree Issues – Frank Rowand”. The talk informed us of some new/unknown tools that can help debugging issues such as dtdiff, dtc –annotate, dt_node_info, and dt_to_config
  • Ricardo Ribalda provided us with an honest and entertaining insight into how small product companies can take advantage of open source to turn around products quickly – “The Art of Counting Potatoes With Linux – Ricardo Ribalda”
  • We learnt how Linux has changed in the past year – “Status of Embedded Linux – Tim Bird”
  • Of course we also very much enjoyed meeting the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, who was kind enough to be in our photo

The conference was a wealth of knowledge from interactive sessions on Yocto to talks on debugging, if you wish to absorb some of it check out the presentation slides or wait until November when videos of the talks are expected to appear.

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Andrew is an experienced commercial Linux developer with a first class degree in Software Engineering and is the founder of Embedded Bits Limited. His day-to-day role fulfils his passion for learning and provides him with plenty of embedded Linux experience including kernel and embedded applications development on a wide variety of platforms. He loves to talk about boot time reduction and has performed a number of presentations on the topic at technical conferences - he has also been successful in achieving sub-second cold boot on Linux based products. Feel free to drop him an email at amurray@embedded-bits.co.uk
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