Embedded Bits sponsors Aberystwyth Students for SailBot 2014 Competition

Embedded Bits is proud to be sponsoring a group of 6 British undergraduates from Aberystwyth University to enter their team ‘Aber SailBot‘ into the 2014 International Robotic Sailing Regatta held next month in San Francisco.

The ‘SailBot’ International Robotic Sailing Regatta is a robotic sailing competition in which teams of university and college students compete. The goal is to create an unmanned sail boat that navigates through a variety of challenges with limited, if any, human control. The event outline describes events such as fleet racing, station keeping, autonomous navigation, judges evaluation and a long distance run (10 km!). When you consider the hurdles that must be overcome to succeed in these challenges you’ll quickly see how the regatta provides a great opportunity for it’s participants to develop a broad range of multi-disciplinary skills.

The Aber SailBot team formed in October 2012 and have previously come third place in the SailBot 2013 competition. For this, they built a 1.2 meter fibreglass boat packed with sensors (wind, GPS, compass), actuators (sail winch, rudder servo) and a XBee for remote communications. All this was controlled by both a Rasberry Pi and an Arduino with software written by the team (and shared via GitHub). This year they are building a larger 2 meter boat – the team provide updates of their build and their progress via Twitter and a web blog. The team anticipate entering future competitions which will see their boat autonomously cross the Irish sea and even the Atlantic!

We wish them the best of luck and will let you know how they get on.

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