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I2C in the 2.6.32 Linux Kernel

The other day I forward-ported an old and abandoned touch-screen driver to the shiny new 2.6.32 kernel. A small portion of the work was to bring the driver in-line with the latest I2C framework (notably due the removal of detach_client from struct i2c_driver since 2.6.31 in favour of the new device driver binding model). This post shares my new-found understanding of the I2C framework and provides a very brief guide to writing an I2C slave device driver.

In a nutshell I2C is a simple serial bus that is often used to communicate with devices such as EEPROMs and peripherals such as touchscreens – there is also SMBus which can sometimes be considered a subset of I2C. The kernel breaks down I2C into ‘Buses’ and ‘Devices’, and then further breaks down buses into ‘Algorithms‘ and ‘Adapters‘, and devices into ‘Drivers‘ and ‘Clients‘. We’ll take a look at these in a little more detail.

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